Managing your mental health in the middle years

Life begins at 40 !!….. Forty is the new 20!!…. Fabulous at 40!!…. Fit at 50 ….. are all common themes that are mentioned as we ease into the so-called middle years. It is often said that middle-aged women are in the anchor years. They are frequently caring for their growing children as well as their aging parents. They juggle careers with trying to maintain important relationships. These years can be challenging years and take their toll on emotional health. This is even more so if you are caring for a child with a chronic health condition.

I would like to share a few tips that would help along your way:

  1. Optimize your physical health: Prioritize sleep, a balanced diet, rest/relaxation and exercise. Schedule those health checks. (Check out my YouTube channel where my guests and I have discussed these). Monitor your screen time.
  2. Protect your emotional space: Examples of ways to do this include;
    a) avoiding “doom scrolling” or listening to news channels that update every few minutes and may not always be positive.
    b) Getting off the comparison wheel as you view those carefully curated online photographs of perfect figures, houses and relationships.
    c) Using the mute/block button for conversations/ groups that do not serve you.
  3. Identifying your support system and cultivating relationships in your community: Get to know your neighbours. Spend time with family, and make time to let your hair down with friends. Identify people you can confide in or who share similar interests/ experiences, kids in the same age group etc.

Which of these strategies have you used? Please share other strategies you have found useful.

Watch out for part 2 of this conversation.

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